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Projekt Premium Light Pro

Wspieranie najlepszych rozwiązań poprawy efektywności energetycznej w zakresie oświetlenia LED.

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Umowy o efekt energetyczny (EPC)

Projekt unijny Oświetlenie uliczne - EPC oferuje użyteczne narzędzia i poradniki

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Koszty i oszczędności dla wewnętrznego oświetlenia LED

Narzędzia, przykłady najlepszych praktyk i informacje kluczem do sukcesu planowania oświetlenia.

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Spotkania / Wiadomości

Targi Light + Building

Największe i prestiżowe targi oświetlenia, elektrotechniki oraz automatyki domów i obiektów.


ForumLED Europe

Designed for developing companies and successful LED lighting projects

Lyon (France)

LuxLive 2016

Europe’s biggest annual lighting event

London (England)

GPP for Street Lighting and Traffic Signs

1st Ad-Hoc Working Group (AHWG) meeting

Seville (Spain)


Largest network of shows in lighting & installation in the North

Stockholm (Sweden)

Premium Light Pro

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Latest LED products for LED lighting

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Smart Lighting Partnership

Philips Lighting Forms Smart Lighting Partnership with Huawei

Moth behaviour disrupted by street lighting, may affect pollination

Street lighting reduces the number of moths at ground level and increases flight activity at the level of the lights, shows new research. Less pollen was transported by moths at lit sites in the UK study as a result of the disruptive effects on moth behaviour. The study highlights the need to consider both the direct and indirect ecological impacts of artificial light.

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Comparing life-cycle costs of road-lighting technologies

The economic costs of replacing energy inefficient high-pressure mercury (HPM) lamps, used in outdoor lighting, with more efficient alternatives have been explored in a recent study. High-pressure sodium (HPS) lamps would be more cost effective than light-emitting-diode (LED) technology, although the researchers say LEDs could become more economical in the future.

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